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Banks love our plans. Get through the underwriting with the least amount of hassle (we support you through the process).

We can even help you find the right bank.

Three Reasons You Need a Business Plan

White Paper - 5 Location Mistakes 


How we write your plan and beyond

If you aren't sure how to start, our experience can make a world of difference. You can get an expert plan done quickly that is custom made for you and your situation.

Why choose us?

Sure, there are 'free' resources out there and $49 templates. But when crunch time comes, will they be there? Will they pick up the phone and get the job done?

We're there after you're launched, too!

We can help you figure out your systems, processes and procedures. We can troubleshoot your business problems. We can even use systems to get you employees to work better together.

Our clients love us!

We work hard for our clients and stay involved long after the job is done. Listen to Patty Heel, of The Winery at Main Street talk about her experience working wiht CBPS.

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Peter MehitPeter Mehit

Mr. Mehit has worked across many industries worldwide as a professional consultant. He has also been intimately involved in the startup of four different companies either as a member of the launch team, or as owner and team leader. He has held positions of trust from senior manager to vice president and has acquired a broad base of experience as a result.


Lydia Mehit, Custom BPSLydia Mehit

Ms. Mehit has built a solid business background beginning in computer operations and adding experience in software development, management of software projects and finally as co-founder and managing partner of her own consulting firm. Clients have included major automotive firms such as Ford Motor Company and General Motors, defense manufacturing companies such as Hughes Aircraft, Northrup and Raytheon, a global food manufacturer and assorted mid-size and small businesses.

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